Anybody ever used Maximus Arcade? I've been toying around with it and I've got it set up with a few emulators so far.

What is your favorite rpg soundtrack? Mine has to go to Final Fantasy 8. Everytime I hear it it makes me want to

This is the music corner. List some music for others to listen to. Also god damn Spec Ops soundtrack is so good

So I decided to get a 50ft hdmi cable and hook it up to my pc. I was wanting to reduce the clutter of having multiple

Man I haven't gamed like this in a long while. The music in spec ops was just as amazing as the game. If a sequel gets

Just finished spec ops the line. Game was freaking awesome. Also It made me feel like a bad person :(

So I'm on chapter 14 of spec ops and holy balls is this game getting tough. And no I don't feel like a hero :(

Only reason I dont trade in my games is because they are a pain in the ass to sell on ebay and gamestop gives you

I want to stop buying games but I keep finding ps2 rpg's for absurdly cheap prices. $12 for dot hack part 3. How could


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