Anybody ever used Maximus Arcade? I've been toying around with it and I've got it set up with a few emulators so far. It's made launching emulators and switching games super easy. Also I have it on my HDTV so it's godly to look at. Here's a sample of it. I also plan to replace the static background images with video

What is your favorite rpg soundtrack? Mine has to go to Final Fantasy 8. Everytime I hear it it makes me want to replay the game for like the fourth time. It's probably my favorite rpg of all time followed closely by skies of arcadia and legend of dragoon.

This is the music corner. List some music for others to listen to. Also god damn Spec Ops soundtrack is so good

So I decided to get a 50ft hdmi cable and hook it up to my pc. I was wanting to reduce the clutter of having multiple old gaming sysyems hooked up. I have maximus arcade as a frontend and I use it with 2 wireless controllers to play my old games. It's a godly setup. I had a friend come over and we played Ehrgeiz,

Man I haven't gamed like this in a long while. The music in spec ops was just as amazing as the game. If a sequel gets announced I'm preordering the shit out of it. Also now that's I'm done I can finally get work done..... I hate being an adult sometimes D:

Just finished spec ops the line. Game was freaking awesome. Also It made me feel like a bad person :(

So I'm on chapter 14 of spec ops and holy balls is this game getting tough. And no I don't feel like a hero :(

Only reason I dont trade in my games is because they are a pain in the ass to sell on ebay and gamestop gives you pennies for them

I want to stop buying games but I keep finding ps2 rpg's for absurdly cheap prices. $12 for dot hack part 3. How could I pass that up <_<